PFK traveled to Eritrea Winter of 2018 and was able to provide over 300 students and staff at Osman Abu Shenib with educational materials and financial grants to support their academic goals. PKF Board Member Martha Ketema and Peter's father Zereghabir Ketema, traveled over 8,000 miles to the remote village of Keru, Eritrea. Thanks to the amazing impact that PKF was able to have during the 2017 school year, students and administrators were elated and were anxiously anticipating PKF's arrival. 

This year was especially amazing as students and administrator received a facelift on two of their classrooms thanks to the generous donations from Naomi Tesfaiohannes. In addition, scholarship recipients received a special donation from author Beri Gebrehiwot. Gebrehiwot donated The Adventures of Noah and Sabu: Mornings with Grandma  to each recipient. 

The generous contributions from PKF supporters created a very successful 2018 PKF Giving Day as shown in the photos below.