Q: What is the Petros Ketema Foundation?
A: The Petros Ketema Foundation is a non-profit organization based in San Jose, California. The foundation is dedicated to supporting elementary and middle school education in Eritrea by providing academic resources and funds to teachers and students. We provide students with the tools necessary to strengthen their education and brighten their future. The Foundation has the unique ability to distribute all donations directly to the schools in Eritrea as travel and administrative costs are supported through grassroots efforts by friends and members of the Ketema family. The family of Petros Ketema makes annual trips that will guarantee its direct effect on the schools. In the future, they hope to take volunteers with them.
Q: What is our vision?
A: Our mission is to empower children living in Eritrea by providing them with the tools to receive a stronger education, in turn empowering them to improve their social and economic conditions. By providing students and their teachers with adequate classrooms and teaching supplies, we are promoting and supporting the importance of education while keeping Petros Ketema's legacy alive. 
Q: How does the Petros Ketema Foundation support students in Eritrea?
A: An annual trip is organized during the United States' Thanksgiving break. During this time, books, teaching materials, uniforms, basic school necessities, and student scholarships will be dispersed. Both short-term and long-term goals have been and will continue to be set in collaboration with the schools to not only determine and meet their immediate needs but sustaining them for the long run as well. The siblings of Petros Ketema will directly donate these resources, ensuring the materials and monies by way of scholarships gathered are appropriately dispersed among the students. 
Q. What is the Petros Ketema Grant?
A. The Petros Ketema Grant is an annual donation that provides one student per grade level $250 US Dollars to help support their academic aspirations and goals. The grant application is distributed in the fall and winners are revealed on December 5th, Petros' birthday. Recipients are selected by the PKF Board of Directors based off of their academic accomplishments and economic need. Please click here for a copy of the application.

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