The Petros Ketema Foundation (PKF) is dedicated to maintaining and preserving the loving memory of Petros Ketema by supporting education in Eritrea.


Through fundraising and services rendered to students, all efforts will enhance each child's life. PKF is committed to working alongside administrators and teachers alike to provide additional tools that will empower and educate youth across the nation.


PKF's mission is backed by the continued love for Petros Ketema. 


Petros Ketema was born on December 5, 1986, to Zereghabir Ketema and Tsigeweini Adhanom.  He was raised in a loving home with his siblings Ginbar, Martha and Abel Ketema. Petros Ketema was a selfless individual who loved everyone wholeheartedly. His loving memories, kindness, and sense of humor have sustained his family since his passing on November 8, 2013. 


Family was Petros' priority in life; he took great care of the people he loved. He was an avid basketball player and loved to tell jokes. As long as everyone was laughing, Petros was happy. 


Petros was an eager student and had a thirst for knowledge that began at an early age. He insisted on wearing suits and ties as a kindergartner to school as he wanted to show off his sense of style as well as his "professionalism."


Petros graduated from Branham High School in San Jose, CA before attending San Jose State University. While his educational dreams were cut short due to his passing, we are allowing his dreams to live on through the students at Tsenat Elementary and Middle School in Eritrea and beyond. Anyone who personally knew Petros understood his love for children and his country, Eritrea.  

PFK is working to eradicate financial inequalities within education in Eritrea.

Our Mission

The Petros Ketema Foundation (PKF) exists to provide educational materials to students and administrators in rural areas of Eritrea that are needed to ensure an effective educational experience.


Our Vision

Empower children living in Eritrea by providing them with the tools to receive a stronger education, in turn inspiring them to improve their social and economic conditions.

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